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Why Terminal?
Optimal Financial Decisions for Professional Property Investors

Terminal provides technical property investors a highly specialized tool for both pricing leases and pricing property level cash flows.

First, Terminal provides investors unparalleled financial lease pricing by combining time-value-of-money Net Effective Rent with robust mathematical optimization. With Terminal, investors can create highly structured and financially optimal leases with minimal effort. With Terminal, investors can be confident that the financial structure of leases proposed, precisely meet their yield and profit objectives.

Second, Terminal provides investors with a first view in Multiple IRR Analysis, which borrows from the sciences with direct application in discounted cash flow analysis and the valuation of real property. With Terminal, investors now have an extended capability to price real assets and determine yield using Complex Analysis.

How does Terminal Price Leases?
Combining Net Effective Rent with Mathematical Optimization

To start, Terminal utilizes the Net Effective Rent standard set by the Real Property Association of Canada; the national real estate trade association comprised of the largest public and private investment companies, Real Estate Investment Trusts, life insurance companies and pension funds.

Then, Terminal combines this Net Effective Rent with Mathematical Optimization to deliver investors unparalleled financial lease pricing that achieves precise yield and profit objectives with up to 15-decimal place precision.

A Financially Optimal Lease - No Matter How Complex the Structure
How does Terminal determine Property Value and Yield?
Multiple IRR Analysis

Terminal looks to the sciences and Complex Analysis to provide investors an extended capability to determine yield and value; computing all IRRs for the investment horizon – not just one.

With Terminal, Investors are offered the first real financial view of all IRRs that are present during the investment horizon, along with a simplistic check borrowed from the sciences that affirms that the present value they seek – is in fact the present value contemplated.

Because Terminal incorporates all relevant information to determine value, an investors valuation is not compromised because one is simply disposing of information. With Terminal, all relevant information is used in the final determination of value, not just one.

An Extended Tool for Professionals with a Financial View on Price Sensitivity and IRR
Technical Review
Net Effective Rent
Multiple IRRs and Complex Analysis